Kitchen Detergent Manufacturer Korea
Schisandra dishwashing
detergent kitchen detergent
Top-class dishwashing detergent which obtained
eco-friendly / green technology
herbal body wash korea
Our herb story
Shampoo Conditioner
Used natural extracts provided by Sancheong Oriental
Medicinal Herb Institute in Kyoungsangnamdo
Herbal Shampoo Conditioner korea
Our herb story
Laundry detergent for baby
Eco-friendly product with more than 96%
of biodegradability.
Premium�Beauty Soap Korea
Our herb story premium
beauty soap, laundry soap
Resolve the underlying problems and
repair work.

Hyundai ENTEC

Our Hyundai Entec is Eco-Friendly and Green authentication enterprise based on Busan(main office) and Yangsan(factory). We manufacture the variety of the cleaning items using the extracts from the medicinal herbs growing in our land.

Hyundai ENTEC Brand
'our herb story' & 'Natural Choice'

We produce our safe and healthy products with the extract from natural herbs

Hyundai ENTEC major products

Eco-friendly kitchen detergent, laundry, hand cream, hand cleansing, tube soap, beauty soap, laundry soap for kids and under ware, shampoo, rinse, body wash and others.

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